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Flash Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 in Minutes with Mi Flash Tool and Firmware ROM

How to Easily Flash Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 Latest

If you own a Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 smartphone, you might want to flash it with a new firmware ROM to improve its performance, fix bugs, update features, or change its appearance. Flashing is a process of installing a new software on your device, which can be done using a special tool called Mi Flash Tool. In this article, we will show you how to easily flash your Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 with the latest firmware ROM using Mi Flash Tool.

Cara Mudah Flashing Xiaomi Mi 6X atau A2 Terbaru


What is flashing and why do you need it?

Flashing is a term that refers to updating or changing the software on your device. It can be done for various reasons, such as:

  • Upgrading to a newer version of Android operating system

  • Switching from MIUI (the default user interface of Xiaomi devices) to another custom ROM (such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, etc.)

  • Restoring your device to its original factory settings

  • Fixing software issues that cause your device to malfunction (such as bootloop, hardbrick, etc.)

  • Enhancing the performance, battery life, security, and features of your device

  • Customizing the appearance and functionality of your device according to your preferences

Flashing can be done using different methods, such as via recovery mode, fastboot mode, or using a dedicated tool like Mi Flash Tool. In this article, we will focus on the latter method, which is flashing via Mi Flash Tool.

What are the benefits of flashing Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2?

Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 is a mid-range smartphone that was released in 2018. It has a 5.99-inch display, a Snapdragon 660 processor, a dual rear camera setup, and a 3010 mAh battery. It comes with either MIUI (based on Android Oreo) or Android One (based on Android Pie) as its operating system.

Flashing your Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 can bring you several benefits, such as:

  • Updating your device to the latest Android version (such as Android 10 or 11)

  • Getting rid of bloatware (unnecessary apps that come pre-installed on your device)

  • Enjoying a cleaner and smoother user interface (such as stock Android or other custom ROMs)

  • Accessing more features and options that are not available on the default firmware ROM

  • Solving software problems that affect your device's performance and functionality

  • Making your device more personalized and unique

What are the risks of flashing Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2?

While flashing can be beneficial for your device, it also comes with some risks that you should be aware of before proceeding. Some of the risks are:

  • Losing your warranty (if your device is still under warranty)

  • Losing your data (if you don't backup your data before flashing)

  • Bricking your device (if you flash an incompatible or corrupted firmware ROM)

  • Facing bugs and errors (if you flash an unstable or unofficial firmware ROM)

  • Voiding Google certification (if you flash a custom ROM that is not certified by Google)

  • Exposing your device to security threats (if you flash a firmware ROM that contains malware or spyware)

To avoid these risks, you should always follow the proper steps and precautions when flashing your device. You should also only flash firmware ROMs that are compatible with your device model and region.

Requirements for flashing Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2

Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2

The first requirement for flashing your Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2 is to unlock its bootloader. The bootloader is a program that runs when you turn on your device and decides which software to load. By default, the bootloader of Xiaomi devices is locked, which means that you cannot flash any other software than the official one provided by Xiaomi.

To unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi Mi 6X or A2, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a Mi account (if you don't have one already) and log in to it on your device.

  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.

  • Go to and apply for unlocking permission using your Mi account.

  • Wait for approval from Xiaomi (it may take up to 10 days).

  • Download and install Mi Unlock Tool on your computer.

  • Turn off your device and boot into fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power buttons together.

  • Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

  • Run Mi Unlock Tool as administrator and log in with your Mi account.

  • Click on Unlock button and wait for the process to finish.

  • Your device will reboot automatically and show a message that the bootloader is unlocked.

Download and install USB driver, Mi Flash Tool and firmware ROM


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