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Cosmic (ElectraX Bank): How to Create Amazing Sounds with ElectraX

This incredible Electra preset bank is what you've been waiting for! 'Seizure' by The Beat House is full of industry ready presets for ElectraX & Electra 2. Included are 50 amazing presets that you can choose from to make your next hits with. These sounds are perfect for a large range of musical genres, from Hip Hop to Trap, Pop, Electronic & beyond.Don't sleep on this bank it has the tools to get your music on the radio!

Cosmic (ElectraX Bank)

Download 21 free trap sounds inspired by producers like Zaytoven as well as Lil Yachty, MadeInTyo, & more... This presets bank was created by Bruno Savage & ProducerGrind

Wavsupply electrax banks reddit was create everybody this cook up is more so maybe fitting for whoever you feel like it to be honest, but main things and bees and electric X all custom created sounds. Hope you guys learned something the finished product starts at around 12 minutes e trou cosmic (electra x presets reddit).

I did that I just hold ctrl select drag and then you hold alt and ctrl at the same time your mouse wheel and you can go up and down on the velocities like that so or should I keep a simple chance more melodies actually and I do this see if we can halftime something make internet money electrax banks sound good you never know actually can do that one more time with a different one yeah so what I like Crosby complained put it in the comments.

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