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Black Panther Book 9 - The Intergalactic Empire...

Black Panther is not the first thing that captures your eye on this cover, and perhaps not even the second. He's way at the top, standing on the head of a Sphinx-like black panther. It's what is beneath him that sets this cover apart. From the bottom up, we see his homeland, Wakanda, represented. As we gradually raise our eyes, we go into the jungle, and then into the city. Black Panther stands above it all, a noble warrior, with the sun beaming on his domain. It's simple, yet effective.

Black Panther Book 9 - The Intergalactic Empire...


Artist J. Scott Campbell crafts a striking visual, a spectrum of yellow and orange behind two black panthers and Black Panther herself, raising her hands above her head. Wait, herself? Yes. In the story arc, T'Challa is in limbo, and it is Ororo Munroe, aka Storm of the X-Men, who wears the Black Panther suit. It's one of the few times we see someone other than T'Challa on the cover as Black Panther.

The cover is simple: Black Panther standing in the forefront in a power pose with his arms crossed and his claws extended. The space behind him is filled with black panthers, ready to strike at their master's command. It's a sea of black and gray against a stark white background. And it is perfect. Jae Lee uses the contrast of black and white to full advantage here, making the hero the central focus of the cover. There's little else to take that focus away, and in doing so, accentuates the character to an unprecedented degree. 041b061a72


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