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[S3E2] The Lying Game

Char suggest they play Never Have I Ever and the games seems a bit boring to me LOL. The game involves drinking of some type of liquid, some will have wine while others will not. Ethan puts the question out to Emma do you have something to hide? Poor Ethan he is feeling betrayed, *hugs Ethan*

[S3E2] The Lying Game


At the conference Kristen questions Ted about the guy mentioning Annie and him seeing them twenty years ago. I hope this will make her less annoying real soon. I really hope she waked up to her lying husband and that Alec.

And Lower Decks Dungeons and Dragons ... er, Bat'leths and BiHnuchs Night is just delightful and amusingly nostalgic of the short-lived VHS recorded host board games that were good for exactly one play-through.

At an indeterminate location, Theon Greyjoy has been chained up in a dungeon after being knocked out before the Sack of Winterfell. Men come in, some wearing ironborn clothing, and interrogate him. When he asks what they want, one of his captors says he wants to do "this" and starts prying his fingernails off with a knife. Later they use a foot press to torture him, while also slowly turning a screw into his foot until it is bleeding freely, repeatedly asking him why he captured Winterfell, but apparently not caring about the answers he gives. Theon at first tells them the simple truth that he wanted to take and hold Winterfell while the North was vulnerable to impress his father, then starts frantically lying, saying he hates the Starks and is their enemy, desperately trying to figure out what his captors want him to tell them. When the guards leave they put a bag over his head. A servant boy comes over to Theon and unwinds the foot press, and tells him that he has been sent by his sister Yara to rescue him. However, he must wait until nightfall when the castle is asleep, so he puts the bag back on and the desperate Theon is left alone crying for help.

Finally, Jaime and Brienne are slowly making their way across country through the Riverlands, heading to King's Landing intending to make the prisoner exchange for the Stark girls (really, just Sansa). Jaime continues to mock Brienne along the way. Brienne is wary enough not to let Jaime out of her sight, even insisting on keeping him on his leash and watching while he urinates so he doesn't slip away. Jaime deduces that Brienne isn't from the North because he would have noticed her at Winterfell when he visited there, so (as she is from House Tarth) she must be a Baratheon supporter. She angrily denies supporting Stannis, thus confirming that she served Renly. Jaime accurately deduces that she fancied Renly, but points out that Renly wasn't attracted to women so much as he was to Loras. Brienne says she doesn't want to hear his filthy lies, but he says that he knew Renly better than she did, reminding her that both of them spent the last 17 years living in the Red Keep, ever since Robert's Rebellion when Renly was just a child prancing down the halls. Jaime insists that Renly's homosexuality was actually "the worst kept secret at court" if she thinks he's lying. He continues to casually mock Renly which makes Brienne grab him, but he relents and says he doesn't particularly care that Renly loved Loras, as he feels people aren't free to choose the ones they love (which he knows better than most). They come across a farmer with a heavily laden mule, who notices that they're cutting cross-country and avoiding the major roads, and suspects that they're avoiding soldiers. Jaime tells Brienne that he suspects the man is a scout meant to intercept them, and even if he isn't he can still spread word he saw them. He urges her to kill the man, but she refuses.

Eleven calls Mike Wheeler to tell him that he's fifteen minutes late in coming to get her, and he repeats Chief Jim Hopper's lie about his sick grandmother. However, Hopper told her that it was a false alarm and Mike's grandmother was fine. Mike tells her that the situation has changed and that his grandmother's sickness wasn't a false alarm like they thought it was. In fact, she might die. Eleven asks Mike if he's lying and Mike vehemently denies it, saying "Friend's don't lie." Hopper observes this call and is gleeful because he knows his message got through to Mike. After Eleven hangs up the phone, walks into her room and slams the door behind her, Hopper leaves and drives into town overjoyed. He turns up at Joyce Byers's work Melvald's General Store claiming he successfully talked to Mike and Eleven and convinces her to have dinner with him.

Eleven approaches Max Mayfield with worries that Mike is lying to her, which Max confirms. She tells Eleven to freeze Mike out until he apologizes, and to dump him otherwise. At the same time, Mike vents his worries to Lucas Sinclair, telling him that Hopper threatened him. Lucas takes Mike to Starcourt to help make things up to Eleven, while Max takes her there to have fun.

As Max helps Eleven get a new look, Mike and Lucas find no luck and reject Will's request to give up and play Dungeons & Dragons. Robin and Dustin translate the first sentence of the Russian code: "The week is long." Steve serves ice cream to Eleven and Max, who flee laughing when Steve asks if Eleven is allowed to be out. They encounter the boys outside the mall, and Eleven confronts Mike over lying to her and dumps him, shocking all of the boys and delighting Max.

The Doom Patrol sees Samuelson arming an alien Gatling gun. Cliff, Vic, Jane, and Rita all try to escape, but none are successful. Rita almost escapes through the side door exit, but that is where Madam Rouge is and locks her inside. The episode ends with all four of them and Garguax lying on the dance floor, looking to be dead.

As Bernard and Stubbs proceed through the facilities of Park Four, we are treated to a one-of-a-kind funny scene that includes Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, dressed as technicians and with none other than Drogon lying next to them.

However, it's pretty plain to see that the relationship with the sisters will be on a very rocky road going forward. We can assume that the next episode will pick up right after the café confrontation but in those final moments of episode 2, it's also clear to see that lying about this is making Clare upset and uncomfortable. So, perhaps she isn't the cut-and-dried villain in all of this.

Shortly after forcing Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter into the Portal, King is brought before The Collector to explain the rules to Owl House. As King explains it is a game of pretend, Lilith and Hooty try to save him, but the Collector turns them into puppets and sends them to the Archive House, a floating house above the Titan's skull. Eda and Raine watch as Eda turns into her harpy form and tries to save King. Unfortunately, the curse starts to take effect and she is out of elixir. Soon, the Collector comes by and asks to play as the curse takes hold, with the Owl Beast fully taking over and lunging at him.

Later, they witness The Collector and King "playing" in the deserted streets of Bonesborough with most of the denizens as puppets. Amongst them is one of Willow's dads. Also playing along is Terra Snapdragon, who is being forced to dress up as Eda. And when she refuses to play along with the Collector's games, he turns her into a puppet, despite King's objections. The Collector decides to have Eda participate in his game, but King quickly reminds Eda is still cursed. With the promise of checking up on Eda made, they fly off back to the Archive House.

The Collector and King, meanwhile, return to their castle, and are greeted by Odalia, who has become the Collector's "Mamadalia". After ordering her to take the Collector's puppets back to the archive, the two head to bed where King tries to reason with the Collector about not endangering people's lives with dangerous games. However, the Collector has no sympathy for how fragile a mortal's life is. He only cares about what he wants, and people are nothing more than something to own. After reading a bedtime story to the Collector, King heads to the cage where he is keeping Eda under guard by the Coven Heads, who, including Raine, have been turned into puppets. Lilith is also with her, and she is no longer a puppet. King has also found Hooty, who is still a puppet, and brings him to Eda and Lilith.

Willow, Gus, and Hunter soon find Luz and Camila, who are still being attacked by Kikimora. Luz also now has a staff but is finding it hard to control. The kids put up a fight against Kikimora, and soon Amity shows up with Boscha, Mattholomule, and the rest of Hexside. The students hold off Kikimora while Luz, her mother and friends cast the teleportation spell that transports them to the skull. Upon arrival, Luz's palisman fully forms into a "snake shifter" she names Stringbean. The group happily rejoices for the newly born palisman. Shortly after, Willow expresses gratitude towards Hunter for what he said back in the detention pit. She intertwines her pinky with his as they both blush. Willow says that Hunter means a lot to her too, and with that, Hunter is pleased to help her feel better. Luz expresses to Amity that she looks forward to showing her palisman to Eda and King. However, the Collector is observing them from above with Belos by his side. Convinced and manipulated by his words that Luz has come to defeat him, the Collector has decided it is time to play a new game.

After Hopper threatened Mike, he lied to Eleven about not being able to see her. Eleven went to Max for advice. The girls went to the mall to shop, despite Eleven being not allowed around so many people. Meanwhile, Mike, Lucas, and Will went to the mall to help Mike find a gift for Eleven. Max and Eleven saw the boys at the mall. Eleven confronted Mike about his lying and broke up with him.

In town, there's a traffic jam due to a random dead horse lying in the street (#19thCenturyProblems), so the carriage holding Disney Princess is forced to stop. That's when a bunch of random dudes come out of nowhere and start banging on the windows and rocking the carriage back and forth. Scary stuff, but may I just say that this particular extra really put his back into the role and deserves a raise: 041b061a72


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